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Oh my gosh! Tears came bursting down my face when reading this! ( MORGAN HORSE IMAGE TO VIEW-A LETTER FROM MY DAUGHTER-TO THE NATIONAL MORGAN HORSE MAGAZINE) Morgan horses were always and still are my favorite! I have always dreamed of having a life like yours!! I never did get my morgan, but one day soon I'm going to move to northern michigan, get me a farm and some morgans and you bet I will be pulling up tp the Justin carriage co to pick up my justin home made with love sleigh with all the bells and whistles!

Hello Sandy, Oh my gosh.. my new sleigh table came today.. after unpacking it for an hour, well packed, it is absolutely amazing. I canít wait until tomorrow when we go to get the oak stain to finish it.. it is also huge, much larger than I had thought. I just canít tell you how much I love it.. thank you all so much. Best regards, Phyllis Morrow

My single seat sleigh just arrived. It is beautiful! I can't wait for a freak storm to hit Oklahoma so I can use it. Jennifer Bianchi

I have had a Justin Carriage Works Meadowbrook cart for over ten years now. I purchased it used from a friend. Since I bought it, the cart has withstood training 2 horses, cross country jaunts, local errands, parties, and numerous parades. I have several wagons and sleighs, but my Meadowbrook is the most forgiving of bumpy roads, tight turns, and figety horses. Since it's quiet, easy to store, and lightweight, I can pull it out and rig up a horse without any help. I think this was the best purchase I've ever made.

Dear Claudia and crew, Nothing compares to the quality of my Victoria carriage! We were in the Oldham County parade with my two buckskin mares and we were certainly the hit of the parade. It pulls like a dream and is very maneuverable. We had rave reviews and the Mayor has already claimed a ride in next years parade. I can't say enough about the great people you have working for you. Seldom in this day and age do you find people so dedicated to building a quality product. They obviously take great pride in the workmanship of Justin Carriages. I am so glad I chose to pick up the carriage myself since it gave me the opportunity to meet everyone involved in the making of my beautiful carriage. I am now thinking of purchasing another one! I wish you much success, keep up the great work! Sincerely, Rosemarie Williamson LaGrange, Kentucky
Dear Herb and Claudia, Thank you for your quick responses regarding my question on the wagon seat. I expect that Iíll be able to remove it for cleaning sometime this weekend. When we reinstall it we will be sure to include some moth balls to discourage the mice from using that area. I also appreciated your comments about our ponies. They are Dales Ponies from northern England. They have a very pretty trot and nice feather around their hooves which makes them look very nice when working with a carriage. Once again, we truly enjoy our farm wagon.
Best regards,
Steve Barker
Blooming Dales Pony Farm
Sheridan, Oregon

Claudia, Everything arrived safe and sound. It all exceeds our any expectation!
Absolutely beautiful. Truly old world craftsmanship! Thank you so very much.
Annie & John

Hi Claudia, The Meadowbrook is wonderful! We have used it with both our Shires and Haflingers and love the versatility of the vehicle. Thank you so much!

Hi Claudia, Thanks for touching base. Coincidentally, we had the wagonette out again for a ride just this morning. WONDERFUL PRODUCT!!! The upholstery is top shelf, the overall construction (both wood and steel) is rock solid, it rides like silk. The suspension is super for gravel roads, pasture work, and any uneven surface. Please give our sincere congratulations to your team. We are completely delighted and will be happy to refer others to Justin Carriage Works. Our goal is to take it in the Caledonia Christmas parade with our whole family aboard. You have a seriously satisfied customer in Caledonia. Weíd be happy to endorse your work / products to any other potential buyers. Enjoy the rest of the summer!! Happy trails, Bill & Ellen Costantino

Hi Guys..Doug here with Highway To Heaven motorcycle Hearse service. First I must say I get nothing but rave reviews with the quality and workmanship of your Hearse.Well done..I got to thinking, Incase I ever have to touch up the paint what type of paint did you use and how many coats..Also what Finish and number of coats did you use to make it so shiny . Thank you. Doug Stephenson

If only we had more companies in the United States who were as "American" as Justin Carriage Company I don't think we would be buying so much from foreign countries. Keep beating the American drum for us.
Dan and Marsha Clevland Ohio

Hi, Nice to see that you're still in business. I bought a carriage from you in the late 80's and had many years of Joy with it. Jim, my wonderful standard Bred loved the light weight of the carriage and the brakes were great going down hill. It was great to be able to use a single horse with a four passenger surrey. The craftsmanship, customer service and delivery was spectacular. We did lots of wedding's and everyone though the carriage was so beautiful. I sold my small horse farm and carriages years ago, but have recently bought 29 acres and my plan for retirement in a few years is to get some more horses. Since I was always into carriage driving I just may buy another carriage from you. Sincerely, Charles LoPinto Formerly from the Pocono Mountains, PA Herb, Thanks to Sandy, I was able to make a promised appointment. She went the extra mile to fill my order and rush it so that it would meet the next UPS truck that was due any minute. She could have told me it was too late and I would not have known any better. I wish to thank Sandy and everyone that helped make it happen. Sandy was very courteous, friendly, and gave hope for an impossible task. Thanks Sandy for your kindness and rapid response to my last minute order. It did arrive the very next day (30 min late 12:30) but it was soon enough for me to make repairs to the carriage and have it on site for work. Thanks to your caring and rushing to get it out on the next UPS truck, a whole lot of people were very happy and NOT disappointed. The 30 min late issue has been taken up with UPS so don't worry. By the way, I sure like the carriages. I'm hoping to have several of your carriages if the business grows. I am particularly interested in the 3 seat touring carriage and the LIMITED EDITION VIS A VIS. Ron DuMont Blue Moon Carriage

Herb, Thank you for everything. Of course you can use those pictures. I love my carriage and I plan to get some more from you one of these days. I get so many complements on how gorgeous that carriage is. I see a lot of vis-a-vis but nothing looks or compares to yours. My girlfriend has a web site that I'm on, half the horses on there are mine. You can use this one. We would appreciate it. I will attach are web page incase this doesn't work. You have a good day.

Dear Herb, Thanks for a pleasant buying experience of the 800 SS truck camper and for answering all of my questions in a timely manner even taking pictures and emailing them to me. The camper is just right for my truck/horse trailer that I pull. Don't hardly know it's on there. It's nice to deal with someone that is honest and reliable. Delivery was done on time when he said it would be delivered to my house. Thanks, David Carter Va.

Claudia, Just wanted to drop you a line. We just love our mini Cinderella carriage. On our first day of use, we did a little girl Birthday party. Then headed off to a Parade in Hawley, MN. Not expecting it, voted Best Float. There was not a big prize, just a couple of Minnesota centennial coins, but it was a huge honor. Since then we have hit many parades and done a few rides. We were at another small town parade and afterwards had three other parade organizers from other towns come up to us and ask us to please come to their parade. We plan on using this unit to advertise for our Fall Pumpkin Patch, put a bunch of orange on it a green topper and hit a few Parades, being as it is already shaped like a pumpkin. We have several pictures on our web site. Thank you for the wonderful addition to our company. Derik and Sari Kraft

Received my Henry Ford starter carriage and can't say i am overly impressed. As a handyman/welder tinkerer myself i will say that it is well built and looks as tho i could put it thru a lot without hurting it. However the fit and finish leaves some to be desired and was surprised to see nothing but paint on the kick panels and floor. Also the gelcoat finish altho smooth really lacks the shine i expected. John Hammon

First off i will say the Doctors buggy you built us is everything you indicated it would be. I however was VERY disappointed in the shipping company you sent it to us with. They refused to bring it directly to our home because it was in a residential area , insisting we had to provide a way to unload it from their truck. We ended up having to drive almost 20 miles to their terminal to have them load it on our trailer in order to get it home.
Bill Grundy

Cannot beleive that after using the buggy you built for us in 2003 that you just replaced the single tree we broke free of charge (even paid the shipping!!). If only there were more companies who took care of their customers like you guys do maybe we would not have business's moving to foreign countries like they are. We will soon be getting another buggy and you can rest assured we will not even look anywhere but to Justin Buggy Company.
John and Jill Greether

Being of the age able to remember the depression and being taught to value the dollar , I had a difficult time justifing the cost of the wagonette i purchased from you because of the cost of the one i had built from Canada. After receiving my Justin and being able to set them side by side (the new owner is picking the old one up next week) I can honestly see why yours cost more. NO comparrison in quality.
Richard Beltman

Don't understand how you do it !! Just received our beautiful surrey, and it took my breath away. The pictures on your website don't do your quality workmanship justice. Had we been able to see this carriage before it was ordered, I would have gladly paid twice what i did. You folks are but a few of the "old work ethic" companies left in this country I am sure. Thanks Again
Bill and Jean Dallas

Purchased a Vis-A-Via from your company in the middle 80's. It is still beautiful and running. I am thinking about buying another commerical carriage and would go back to Justin Carriage Works. This Vis-A-Vis has been all over the 4 Corners area, in church yards and high mountain pastures. Yes, it is a little worn on the paint on the wheels and fenders, but the body is still perfect. I love it and so do all that ride in it. Do you still make a Landau? I would be interested in this.
One Horse Livery

Dear Herb,
I have spent the last couple of hours on your very colorful and well organized web site. Your site is most impressive and really gets your products across. As you said in your intro ... relax and enjoy ... your excellent choice of music was an extra PLUS. We will be looking for a carriage or something horse drawn in the near future for our new Adult Foster Care facility. You said you are also open for suggestions ... Your site is so perfect already ... The only improvement I could suggest is to change the Bold Font used for labeling the sections on the product sheets. It is difficult to read on the screen and also after printing. Example: Base Price - $6,894.00 Thanks for the opportunity to view your "class" operation ... It's no wonder you receive some of the letters and comments you list on the site... We look forward to doing business with you sometime in the future.
Jay & Claudia Maddock
Sherman Glen

Your buggys are beautiful and I enjoyed you website. We have rode horses for several years and are just wanting to get into driving them. I am just looking around to see what is out there. Yours are by far the nicest I've seen on the internet.
David & Kim Davenport

Dear Herb,
The Governess Cart was the best xmas present I have ever recieved. I just love it and my daughter who is a much better horseperson than I is teaching me to drive. It is much to cold in Minnesota to get outdoors however we have had a number of sessions in the indoor arena. The Horse loves it also. I took a few photographs before we stored it away in the barn out front in my driveway and I have been showing them all around. I had to watch the Movie The Quiet Man where Morine O Sulivan gets a cart as a wedding present from John Wayn and she drives it to town.. I can't wait until it warms up and I can get out on the town with my governess cart.
Sincerely Earl Glenn Kelly

Bought a white Vis A Vis from you years ago. I am looking for a Coaching Horn, thought you may have one or know where I may purchase one. By the way, the Carriage you made in 89 or 90 is still making me money at weddings and parades.
Tino P. Largura,  Crown Point, IN 46307

Dear Claudia and Herb
Nicole and I had our first horseshow of the season on Sunday, the 16th. There was one driving class, and Nicole won it in your (our) ladies road cart. Thought you'd like to know. The judge and others looked at your name plate on the back of the cart to see who had made such a beautiful buggy. I was giving many people your website address. It was a great day. Nicole (my 9 year old daughter) also won pony pleasure, and placed 4th in jumping. It was also her birthday. Thanks again for such a lovely cart.
P.S. That Stanhope gig is sure beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Diane Howey

Hi Herb:
Here is photo of my horse and meadowbrook cart I got from you. There is a picture of it on my "picture" page. Just click on "MISCA IN THE CART" It's a nice picture taken on the trails near my home on a beautiful fall day. I have enjoyed my cart, and it's just as good as the day I bought it. You built them well !

The carriage traveled very nicely on the trailer. We had it wrapped in shrink wrap to avoid possible rain ... the precaution dispelled all rain clouds and the trip was smooth and dry. We had folks giving us the "thumbs up" the entire time, however, covered they couldn't capture the real beauty of it !!! I'll send pictures as soon as we hitch one of the "boys" to it. Thanks again for creating such a Beauty...keep in touch.

We recieved our two Limited Editions from the port in Turkey over the weekend,damage free. Those things about brought the ship yard to a halt when we rolled them out, beautiful is not even a word close enough to descibe them. One of our drivers who was previously a driver for royalty said nothing he as ever driven come close to the quality he sees in these.Thanks

I just recieved my antique sleigh that you refurbished and am very pleased with the work you have done. It is absolutely fabulous and I look forward to learning how to drive it this upcoming winter. Please feel free to use me as a reference should you desire to.
Major R. F. Wendel USMC -

I love the sluggy! I had a steel pony cart that my Dad made longer shafts for to accommodate my small Arabian Mare. Later, at my request he made steel runners that replace the rubber tires in the wintertime. I think I will from now on refer to it as my "sluggy", if I may. It doesn't have as much class as your creation does, but it is a dual purpose vehicle, befitting the name you have created.
Thanks - Pat Murdick -

Hi All there at Justin:
My Father was very touched, as were all the folks at the nursing home, when I went to pick up my Father the day before Father's day. He was very happy, and I could tell. Oxygen tanks, meds, inhalers, and all, we got him up in the buckboard, and he sat high and proud, that hisdaughter thought of him in such a way that he would remember. I took some of his favorite pickled beets, old photos I had of him when he was a little boy, and his parents and Grandparents, and some of the "Green River " soda we drank when we were kid's that he used to buy us for a nickle. It was our favorite drink, and very hard to find nowadays. The weather was warm and sunny and turned out to be a beautiful day. "Sadie" drove us down to the park about a mile away from the nursing home, and we had a picnic by the river, It is a beautiful park we have here, very large and wooded, and the kid's got out to play. It was a 2 hour ride to town on the buckboard, and a really long day for the kids and all, but they really enjoyed it, and so did my Dad and I. He told me that it is the best Father's day gift anyone could give him, and was something that money just can't buy, is doing what we did, and he said he will remember it always. I would like to let you know that I was so tickled with the buckboard, when your brother and his son's pulled in, I couldn't believe it was really here. Your kind son helped show me how to hook up the harness / versus I always hooked up our leather harness on the pony cart, but this was a temporary nylon harness that I was using, since my other one needs repair. Please thank him, and I hope you all enjoy the beets. Make sure he plants the gourd seeds right away. I have been wondering if the peacocks made it home ok for him, and how they are doing. Our's are doing well, actually better, since we gave the 2 males to your son. Our females are taking up with the other mates, so we are glad. This week we are getting animals, kids, buckboards, horses, and pony cart and donkey ready for the parade, as well as decorated bikes, etc. It has been really hectic around here, lot's of hay to put up. And busy with everything else besides. I would have written sooner, and intended to the evening after I took my Dad for a ride, but late nights, sometimes we don't even get in the house til 10. I apologize. I hope before the end of summer to come up that way and meet the "crew", and thank them personally. When the lights and rein rail, and whip socket come in, just let me know by e-mail, and ship them out when they arrive. Again, thank, you, and keep in touch, I may have another order for you around fall, when things slow down for you a bit. Thanks again.
Juli Bryan

To: Herb and family
Thank you again for the absolutely beautiful job you did on the two seat sleigh! I knew when I ordered it that you would do a good job, but I never dreamed it would turn out as "awesome" as it did! Sincerely.
Greg Marble

Hi There !
How are all of you? Last Saturday, David and I went on our first MI Wagon Train and just wanted to let you know the convertible surrey you built for us was the hit of the day. Everyone wanted a ride and to know who built it and what did it cost? They all just loved it's smooth ride and the smoothness of my Tennessee walker. So, just wanted to let you know!
Best, Michele Hall St. Clair, MI

Hi Mr. Andler,
Just writing to let you know that I hitched up my horse to my beautiful new "Emma" Cart last night. My horse loves it as much as I do. I took him out at the walk so that he could get a feel for it. It is drop-dead gorgeous, the talk as well as the object of affection of everyone at my barn! I stepped up into the cart with ease and was able to sit with my back to the seat back and have my feet flat on the floor-I do not get to do this with many carts without some kind of seat adjustment. My new cart is perfect for me as well as the perfect size for my horse. I could not have asked for a better cart. You and your crew did a beautiful job in both construction and getting it to me in one piece. Mr. Andler-take a bow! I will contact you about carriage lamps for it when a show comes up :)I have recommended you to everyone at my barn as well as a few visitors who took a look at my cart. Thank you again for taking the time to make my dream a reality and I will send some pics to you as soon as I get some.
Respectfully yours, Heather

Hi Herb and gang
We were in the parade yesterday and your little buggy WON first prize for the Best Animal in the parade. Children were calling me Mrs.Clause all day. I loved it. Feather has no problem pulling the buggy for 2 miles on the street. Sorry I was so busy I didn't get a picture, but I sent you some pretty good ones the other day. Just wanted to let you know I said all during the parade. That was the easiest answer while going down the street. Yes we love our carriage and we got a Big trophy and prize money to go along with it. Thanks for making this customer very happy. Deb

Good Afternoon.
It is nice to see this tid bit of information. As you know I ordered my Henry Ford from you and last summer was my first season of my carriage business; Just A Mere Farm LLC Classic Carriage Service. My web site should be up and running in a week or so. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy what I do but you must keep a number of things in mind. First of all it is hard work, and lots of it. Yes I truly enjoy it but I have found in the north east, especially after this winter, it is best to take a brake from Christmas until April. Both you and your horses will enjoy it. Also keep in mind if you are not prepared to drive in all types of weather you must have a clause in your contract addressing this. My most successful advertising came as a result of my driving every day and being very visible to the public. Once school is out, and I have the summers off I basically but my car up. Living about 2 miles from our village I do all of my shopping via horse drawn vehicle; food and farm shoping are down with my faithful steed, and my carriage. People are always impressed and I always carry my business cards. It is with great thanks to all at Justin Carriage who have helped to make my business a bit more classic. Oh, also you must dress the part. Tally Ho.
Emily U. VanDriel
Just A Mere Farm LLC

Hi Andler Family!
Just stopped by your newly renovated website to send a link
to a friend and WOW, nicely done!
After years of use and fun our sleigh is in fabulous condition and we enjoy her very much.
You've given "one horse open sleigh" and wonderful jingle in our hearts!
Thanks for all you do!
Shannon, Jonathan, Titan and Kerrick


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